Tiger Eye Jewelry Gifts for Women

Tiger Eye Jewelry Gifts for Women

Tiger eye is one of those gemstones that you can’t stop looking at. Whether it’s a polished specimen on your desk or a beautiful piece of designer jewelry, tiger eye’s shiny luster and rich, warm coloring draw the eye immediately. That’s why tiger eye jewelry is so much fun to wear. Other people notice it.

Tiger eye is also known as tiger’s eye, tiger-eye and tiger’s-eye… sometimes even tigereye. The gemstone books I have at home tend to refer to this semi-precious stone as «tiger eye,» so that’s what we’re calling it here.

If you’re a fan of tiger eye jewelry, like I am, you’ll enjoy seeing this wonderful gemstone in its many shades, shapes and designs. If you’ve ever held a piece of highly polished tiger eye in your hand, you’ll know how comforting tiger eye can feel and, in fact, one of the metaphysical properties of tiger eye that has been revered at least as far back as Roman times is its protective quality. There’s a reason it feels so good to hold a tiger eye stone.

Tiger eye is a semi-precious gemstone related to the quartz family and popular lore says that it helps to attract good luck and prosperity. Also said of tiger eye is that it connects the energy of the earth (the brown colors representing groundedness) with the spiritual energy of the sun (the more ethereal golden colors representing divine light). Holding tiger eye in your hand would make you a believer of this. It’s a very calming, peaceful stone.

Tiger eye is the planetary stone for the astrological sign of Gemini (May 21 — June 20). Many writers have Gemini birth signs, including me, which may be why I’m so attracted to it. I do hope you find a lovely piece of tiger eye jewelry for yourself or for someone you love. It’s such a great stone and I’m really proud to display the pieces below.

Here is tiger eye before it’s shaped, carved or faceted

Tumbled and polished tiger eyeThe tumbled stone in the picture to the right shows the shiny luster of tiger eye quite well… also the bands of colors that range from honey tones to warm browns. If you look on the right side of the stone, you can clearly see the «eye,» too. This stone sits on my meditation desk.

The stone underneath is a small, tumbled, irregularly-shaped tiger eye that was made into a pendant. I probably picked it up at a local gem and mineral show some years ago. I’ve had it for eons.

You’ll notice that the top stone has more yellowish, honey shades alternating with the brown tones, while the smaller pendant has a bit more red in some of the brown and also a few striations of very dark brown.

In other words, when you look for tiger eye jewelry, you’ll never find two pieces exactly the same. In beaded necklaces, you won’t even find two gemstone beads that look alike.

That’s why tiger eye is so beloved and fun to wear. You’ll always have a unique piece of jewelry. Even if the designs are identical, the individual stones will always be different… and unique.



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