Single Cup Coffee Makers – Should You Get One?

Single Cup Coffee Makers

Single Cup Coffee Makers Revolution

I love to have a good cup of coffee with rich aroma and consistency. Unfortunately, the coffee obtained from most drip coffee machines do not provide these characteristics. One needs to pay big bucks to buy special espresso grade coffee makers that provide that special European gourmet flavor. Well, finally there is a revolutionary solution for that. And not an expensive one either. New coffee makers, known as «single cup coffee makers» or «pod/capsule coffee makers» that provide the gourmet coffee experience without making you go broke, have lately inundated the market. Best of all, these machines are extremely simple to use and to maintain. Keurig, Breville, Nespresso, Senseo, and Bosch offer some of the most popular brands. Many other brands exist. This single cup coffee makers review does not intend to provide a comparison of the various brands available, but will try to explain what these single cup coffee makers are all about, their advantages and disadvantages, so that you can make your own mind as to whether to buy one.

How Do the Single Cup Coffee Makers Work?

The technique used in single cup coffee makers resembles that used in espresso machines where water under high pressure is forced through the coffee. In single cup coffee makers, the coffee is contained in small pods or capsules (also called K-Cups), and the water pressure applied to the coffee is somewhat less than that applied in espresso machines. However, the pressure is still high enough to extract the rich coffee aroma (note that the reason espresso coffee has so much more taste than drip coffee is because no water pressure is applied to coffee in drip machines).

Furthermore, because high water pressure is used, the coffee is produced in much shorter time than with drip coffee machines. So, almost instantly, one is able to obtain a gourmet cup of coffee with rich aroma.

Let`s look at the steps you have to take to brew a cup of coffee with single cup coffee makers:

1. Fill up the water container (usually a reservoir at the back of the coffee maker)
2. Introduce a coffee pod (or coffee capsule).
3. Place your cup under the fawcet.
4. Select type or size of coffee (if the machines offers a choice).
5. Turn on the activation button.

Voilà! In less than a minute you will have your gourmet coffee ready waiting in your cup.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Single Cup Coffee Makers

The advantages of single cup coffee makers are:

1. They produce real brewed coffees much richer in aroma than drip coffee machines.
2. They don`t require any additional filters.
3. They do away with the grinding of coffee beans by having the coffee beans already in special pods or capsules.
4. There is no need to measure or spoon coffee into the coffee maker as the coffee capsules or pods have always the same amount of coffee.
5. Their upkeep is very simple as there is no need to wash them after each use.
6. There is no waste because the machines make coffee for one cup at a time.
7. Finally, as explained above, they are very rapid and efficient.

The disadvantages are:

1. Specific brand of coffee pods or capsules only work on specific brand of machines. Usually, one cannot mix and match them. However, some brands of machines have started to offer compatibility with more than one brand of pods or capsules.

2. The price per cup (which is a functon of the price of coffee pods or capsules) is higher when compared to drip machines. However, for coffee connoisseurs, the quality and taste of the coffee obtained is worth the extra cost.

So Get Your Own Single Cup Coffee Maker Or Not?

Nowadays coffee has become a part of our way of life and culture. Most of us drink at least a couple of cups a day, and because it is available everywhere and inexpensive, we often buy it outside. But over time, costs add up. Given the short time it takes to make a good cup of coffee with the single cup coffee makers, it certainly makes sense to make your own coffee even if the cost per cup is slightly higher. Not only will you save money over time, but you will also get both the high quality grade coffee you are looking for as well as a few extra minutes in bed before you have to get up to prepare your coffee in the morning.



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