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Top 7 Places I’d Like to Visit Before I Die

Top 7 Places I’d Like to Visit Before I Die

In this lens I will show the top 7 places I’d like to visit before I die. Each destination calls to me in its own way. They stir the imagination, fuel an inner passion or open the door of wonder. It’s not by coincidence that most of the places are castles. It’s a reflection of my appreciation for history, lore and adventure.

Transylvania in Romania

Bran’s Castle, believed to be Count Dracula’s Castle, has to be on of the creepiest places on Earth. The castle is shrouded in darkness and mystery as the corridors, side chambers and secret passageways form a sort of labyrinth. It’s like a journey into the Twilight Zone, Fear Factor and Supernatural all rolled into one. Even the online virtual tour leaves me feeling like I’m going in circles as hallways seem to lead back to the room that was just exited. That’s impossible. Or is it?

Chillon Castle in Veytaux, Switzerland Switzerland

Also known as the Sorcerer’s Castle, it offers the most incredible view from the eastern side of Lake Geneva. The castle inspired Hugo and Delacroix. Lord Byron carved his name into one of the dungeon’s pillars. It’s easy to understand why it’s touted as the most popular attraction in Switzerland. This castle can be rented for events. Imagine having a medieval-themed wedding in one of the courtyards and the reception in one of the great halls. Banish any rowdy guests to the dungeon!

Coral Castle in Miami, Florida

I find this castle fascinating. It was built solely by Edward Leedskalnin over the course of twenty-eight years. How did this one man quarry, move and position coral blocks that weighed up to thirty tons? Leedskalnin thought of every detail. Sunlight streaming through one of the windows landed upon the bath water to warm it. Some say the castle was a tribute to a woman who rejected his marriage proposal. If that’s true, I think it’s probably the greatest example of the power of love being able to move Earth; that moves me.

Pamukkale in Southern Turkey

Pamukkale (cotton Castle in Turkish) is an incredibly beautiful area of calcium-terraced travertine hot springs and petrified waterfalls. It all appears as white as cotton with illusory pools of aqua. The mineral-rich waters are said to have healing properties. Very close to the travertines, there is an ancient Roman amphitheatre. There are also mud baths at a red spring just a few minutes away. This rejuvenation expedition can be topped off with a visit to the ruins of a biblical site called Laodikya. It’s the perfect place for some meditation and spiritual healing. This is my dream trip to restore mind, body and spirit.

Boston Harbor in United States

Although it may seem rather ordinary, it has always been my dream to have breakfast at sunset somewhere that overlooks Boston Harbor. I’d have to call it a serendipitous adventure as it has no rational reason behind it. It’s just somewhere I’d like to be when a new day is dawning. I’ll find out why when the time comes.

Tintagel in Cornwall, England

I’ve always loved a good story and Tintagel is filled with them. It’s said to be the birthplace of King Arthur and the village has kept his legends alive. Merlin’s Cave is nearby at sea level and accessible only at low tide. Tintagel also has hidden valleys and a beautiful coastline with turquoise waters that hold a history teeming with pirates and smugglers. The beaches resemble scenes right out of the Pirates of the Caribbean. It’s so easy to picture Johnny Depp swashbuckling his way across the sand.

The Blarney Castle in Ireland

Honestly, I’m only interested in the block of blue-stone known as the Blarney Stone. I’m enticed by the promise of the gift of eloquence for simply putting my lips in the same spot as millions have done for a few centuries. Well, it’s really not so simple. It’s my understanding that I’ll have to bend over backwards to accomplish the feat. When I’m done, I’ll be able to sell ice in the Arctic.

Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas

Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas

Select Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Give a personalized book that is my husband this Valentines Day you two stars in the novel. Couple, each of the books you France or Amsterdam or take a safari, and a torrid romance, adventure, various locations abroad.

Valentine Gifts for Him

A personal novel to her husband as the main character of your favorite classic novel may appear. It also allows you to choose a role in the story can play as well. It is estimated that the act with its own customized version of Bram Stoker’s Dracula can control. A friend, family member, celebrity or books do you personally like the other characters can choose any game.

Husband in the British armed forces to assess how the novel, despite the distance separating couples can bring their partners on the woman. Here’s a sexy Valentines day to the next feel about their current interest is a quote from one of the wives of servicemen.

Ben read a lot when he was in Canada, so I thought it was a brilliant idea. I had a book that can really give us personally. Give you information — your name, eye and hair color of choice and is one of their cars. They wrote the book and the characters are you and your partner. ”

When asked about his choice of fiction he commented, «This is a very hot story -. A bit like the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith»

individual books for her husband with a gift certificate can be obtained and personal book he wants for himself and the people with his novel to star in the customized version to choose. You can also send a personalized message with her that he knows who he is and how much she means to you to be able to.

The individual books, giving the most unique Valentine’s Day or any occasion can be a special gift.

There are also those Pride and Prejudice, Romeo and Juliet, and Hound of the Baskervilles as the classics to choose from. Maybe you think that Sherlock Holmes Hound of the Baskervilles with him as acting would enjoy having your own personal book, you can choose to play other parts in the novel.

Official Love Day — Valentine’s Day!

Valentine Day is the most romantic day of the year. Will celebrate the holiday of love around the world on February 14, the day has become accustomed to fans around the world every day. Holiday love, sweet memories to celebrate Valentine’s Day, the Christian victim who was known as the patron saint of lovers. To this day, because of a holiday also known as the divine love. Love is all over the world celebrate the holiday with all the passion and enthusiasm. Many schools hold holiday parties love the children do when their classrooms unique decorations. Young and old love for roses and their friends. Each February, in all parts of the world, candy, flowers, gifts and holiday love is exchanged between loved ones.

The formation of the heart box filled with dozens of chocolate and roses are the usual choices when it comes to find love in the holiday gift. Holiday gift of love is a great way to celebrate the closest offer to you much, their loved ones to you. Fans heart, devoted to show their love, let you feel their love

Valentine Gifts Ideas

Holiday gifts of love, have the ability to speak more than words can say. Rose is a gift in view of a typical celebration of love. Rose lovers at the party to explain the love of love, this is a great feeling on the floor. In this day and red rose, said: «I love you.» They are the ultimate representation of romantic love and passion continues. Roses and flowers embody the true meaning of rights. Holiday love roses love in an ideal lover gift exchange. If you want a miracle three words people say, «I LUV The U» type, then the best approach is a special someone a holiday gift you love red and roses. This is definitely a fun day to celebrate the team spirit, sense of love and the so-called endless.

However, for those who live miles away from each other, in love and happiness, and sometimes brings a great deal of resentment and nostalgia. The problem here is how to celebrate this wonderful day in a special way. Should be glad that your love may be huge, and should leave a lasting impression in the mind of the lover. Some ideas, such as you can put some Valentine’s Day Romantic love poems, love card, a beautiful heart-shaped card and electronic or muffin, sweet.

Valentine’s Day Ideas

Gala Love is one of the most romantic day of the year. Love will celebrate the holidays around the world on February 14 and this day has become accustomed to fans around the world daily. Holiday Love 2010, this is a sweet memory of Valentine’s Day, the Christian victim who was known as the patron saint of lovers. To this day, because of a holiday is also known as divine love. Love is all around the world celebrate the festival with the passion and enthusiasm. Many schools hold holiday parties love, when children do uniquely decorated their ranks. Young and old love for roses and their friends.

Each February, in all parts of the world, candy, flowers, gifts and holiday love is exchanged between loved ones. Formed the heart box filled with chocolate and roses are dozens of unusual choices when it comes to find a gift of a holiday of love. Today’s holiday gift of love is the most wonderful way to celebrate your loved ones to provide quality and how much they mean is you. Fans of the heart, devoted to show their love, you feel their love. Holiday gifts love the ability to speak more than words can say.

Valentine Greeting Cards, Flowers, Gifts

Rose is a gift idea to a typical holiday of love. Rose lovers at the party to explain the love of love, this is a great feeling on the floor. On this day, Red Rose, said: «I love you.» They are the ultimate representation of romantic love and the passion continues. Roses and flowers, embodies the true meaning of rights. Holiday love roses in the ideal sort of gift exchange lovers love. If you want to say three words, one wonders, «I LUV The U» type, then the best approach is a special someone a gift you red gala day love and roses.

This is definitely a fun day to celebrate the team, the so-called sense of love and endless. However, for those who live miles away from each other, in love and happiness, and sometimes brings a great deal of resentment and nostalgia. The problem here is how to celebrate this wonderful day in a special way. Should be glad that your love may be huge, and should leave a lasting impression in the mind of the lover. Some ideas, such as Valentine’s Day you can send some romantic love poetry of love beautiful heart-shaped card, card, electronic or muffin sweet.

Valentine SMS

You could never guess
How much happiness
You’ve brought my way
Happy Valentine’s Day

Let’s share the world
A sea is for you, and waves are for me.
The sun is for you, and light is for me.
The sky is for you, and stars are for me.
Everything is for you, and you are for me.

Oh! the happy bounding flea
You cannot tell the he from she
But she can tell
And so can he

From one bed bug to another Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day Ideas

People do mistakes and hence they fall in love — Valentine’s Day

Now, since you have taken the plunge, remember these three commandments;

1. Love is hell of a vicious circle. More we try to get away from it, more we come closer.

2. One should not listen to anyone who is not on the «right-side»(pointing towards the heart, which is on left…:P).

3. If you love someone, burn like a bonfire not a candle, as when the wind blows strong, the candle blows out but bonfire further fans up and becomes more warm and more bright.

P.S. Falling in love is risky. What if, if it doesn’t work out and, Ah, what, if it does!!!

So, we give to you some tips for celebrating the Valentine’s day and how to make it a memorable one for your sweetheart.

Give your beloved a surprise

It’s Valentine’s DayYep, your heard it right, your beloved is expecting a lot from you this valentine’s day and even if you are single then 14th February 2012, is the day when you can spill the beans to that special someone, believe us, you will come out with flying colours.

There are three categories of people who want to celebrate Valentine’s day,

1. Married
2. In a relationship (High time to propose)
3. Single and ready to mingle.

For married one’s,

-Start the day by giving your beloved a nice warm kiss.
— Just make some really lip smacking breakfast and serve it to your beloved with a Spanish Red Rose.
— And, recite some romantic poetry to her, with one knee resting on the ground.

For those who are trapped, :P, but, what a wonderful trap it is,

— Give a call in the middle of the night, and say «I love you»
— Pen down some real poetry and say it loud to her in front of everyone
— Arrange for a candle lit dinner, with violins playing in the background coupled with some nice champagne.

For those who are ready to mingle,

— Try to look at your best this valentine’s day.
— If you are going to ask someone out, then do it with full conviction and honesty. And, it should reflect in your eyes.
— Give that special someone strong hints, that you want their company on Valentine’s eve.

Now, we didn’t specified earlier, there is a fourth category also,

Category; Those who hate the concept of love, those who think that L.O.V.E. is «L»ame-«O»bsolete-«VE»rse.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for her

Gifts for herShe likes to pampered and what can be the best day other than valentine’s day to give her a royal treatment. So all the boys out there who have someone in their life, buckle up as Valentine’s day is just round the corner.

1. Personalized Love Message in a bottle.
2. Personalized Valentine’s Cards engraved with some poetry written by you.
3. Make a collection of best 100 love poems for her and engrave it with your names, this would surely sweep her off her feet.
4. Chocolate Body Paint for a passionate evening. (But play your cards wisely in this one).
5. Her favorite fragrance.
6. Personalized photo frame.
7. Sexy Lingerie
8. The deadly trio, «Red Roses-A Big Teddy-A Warm Kiss», this would seal your fate with her.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for him

Valentine’s Gifts for himWell, males are a difficult lot. Some like their valentine’s day to be mushy-mushy, and some like talking business (Dry, boring..:p)

Here are some gifts which are suitable for both kinds,

1. Cool gadgets.
2. Watches
3. Perfumes
4. Classy Handbags
5. Expensive Wallets
6. Personalized Coffee Mugs
7. If yours is a naughty kind, then give him a pair of boxers.
8. Again a deadly trio, Kiss-Kiss-Kiss, this gift tops his wishlist, so if you can manage to give him this one, he’d love you as if there is no tomorrow.

Love Quotes for Valentine’s Day

A romantic Valentine’s Day Say them to your beloved and some dew drops are bound to surface, Cheers to the spirit of love,

— I’d like to be reincarnated as one of your tears, because I’d be born in your eyes, live on your face, and die on your lips.
— Does your watch have a second hand? I want to know how long it took for me to fall in love with you.
— When I saw you for the first time I fell in love with you and after that whenever I saw I started to rise in your love.
— If home is where the heart is, then my home is in you.
— You can fall off a building, you can fall out a tree, but baby, the best way to fall is in love with me.
— Your eyes have touched my soul.
— Your earrings are the mirrors which reflect the moonlight into your eyes.
— If water were beauty you’d be the ocean.
— Don’t stop! I don’t usually get to see beauty in motion.
— You must be hell of a thief because you stole my heart from across the room.
— Is there an airport nearby or is that just my heart taking off?
— If a star fell for every time I thought of you, the sky would be empty.

Valentine’s Day Poems

With my ValentineRecite this masterpiece by Alexander Pushkin to your beloved,

Title — I loved you

I loved you;
even now I may confess,
Some embers of my love their fire retain;
But do not let it cause you more distress,
I do not want to sadden you again.

Hopeless and tongue-tied, yet I loved you dearly
With pangs the jealous and the timid know;
So tenderly I loved you, so sincerely,
I pray God grant another love you so.

We pray that the almighty bestows every individual with such a lover!, God Bless!

Top 10: Things to do on Valentine’s Day

Just two of us on this Valentine’s eve10. Reenact your first date

9. Get intimate, Get close
8. Go for a spa, together.
7. In your home, make a path of rose petals
6. Go away from your usual surroundings, get a room somewhere and just play along with your girl.
5. Cuddle up in single blanket.
4. Go for a walk on a lonely street, but make sure that, it is free of rogues.
3. Cook something for each other and feed your partner with your own hands.
2. Try to look your best this valentine’s eve and arrange for a violinist maybe outside or in your home, and do some waltz with your beloved.
1. The moment has arrived, look straight into the eyes and pop the question, «Will you marry me»…aww..

Our Top 10 Road Trips on the South Korean Peninsula

Our Top 10 Road Trips on the South Korean Peninsula

The Top Destinations for anyone Living, Working or Traveling in South Korea

From August 2010 to August 2012 we lived in the land of the Morning Calm, woke up to the smell of kimchi, discovered a love for all things spicy, mastered the use of chopsticks and went to work Monday-Friday in hopes of imparting the English language upon sweet Korean children. During our first year, we took advantage of the extensive and efficient public transportation system of trains and buses. However, upon entering our second year, we took a risky plunge and purchased a car to increase our travel convenience and ensure that our recently adopted pup would be able to accompany us more comfortably and conveniently. While living in South Korea, we were fairly centrally located, making road-trips relatively painless. The following offers a bit of insight regarding our favorite road-trips that we enjoyed while living in the land of the Morning Calm.

10. Anseong

The Home of South Korea’s Wine Country

Korea is hardly known for it’s wine production, however when we stumbled across a Wine-focused meet-up on Meetup.com we couldn’t resist the temptation.

After a short drive we found ourselves in a small, Korean town which was home to a French Catholic Abbey which had introduced grapes to the region in the early 1900’s. The town remains famous for grape production and has found particular favor with a Korean man who has experience as a vintner in California and who is eager to introduce fine wine and wine production to the Korean peninsula.

The tour of the Anseong-based vineyard included a quick trip to the original (and updated) Abbey, a full course lunch near a lake accompanied by the vintner’s wines and a tour of the Chateau which allowed for unlimited refills of a deep red wine and a complimentary bottle of wine to enjoy at home. If you’re in Korea and can get in on a similar tour, we’d definitely recommend it, however, we’re struggling to find a working website to confirm that the winery is in fact, still in operation. Regardless, the Abbey is beautiful and just outside of the town you can visit a Grape and Wine Museum complete with a free shot of Grape Vinegar!

9. Seongnisan

The Buddha Stands Tall

Like most of South Korea’s National Parks, Seongnisan boasts a beautiful Buddhist temple and numerous national treasures. Additionally, Seongnisan is home to a golden Buddha which exceeds the height of one hundred feet.

We always enjoyed making our way into the National Parks and this park had the added benefit of being near enough to the smallish Korean town of Cheongju where we were able to pick up a Subway sandwich to enjoy at the base of the park, a true treat when you’re hundreds of miles from home.

Other things that are fantastic about Korean National Parks is that the entrances are always packed with small restaurants and vendors who unlike American ‘resort’ towns, provide their goods for a rather reasonable price, making visiting a Korean National Park a true joy!

8. «The Farm»

The Peace of Korean Countryside

When it comes to travel, we have a huge preference for visiting the countryside and soaking up all that is peaceful, traditional and natural.

While driving in South Korea, we had the great pleasure of driving through the countryside on more than one account. More importantly, we had the opportunity to befriend Korean’s who were not only incredibly conversational, friendly and all around fantastic, but who happened to have access (via her father) to a small, private farm where we enjoyed BBQ’s, card games and even a mid-summer sleep-over!

By far some of our favorite road-trips lead to «the farm», unfortunately, if you want a similar experience you might have to make some friends or search out some home-stays, but we guarantee it’ll be worth the effort.

7. Boryeong

The Home of Mud Baths

One of South Korea’s most famous festivals is held in Boryeong and typically involves a lot of mud and beer. However, the little coastal town has a bit of fishing village charm all year around.

We opted to avoid the drunken festival and rather than visiting Boryeong in the summer, we made a trip in the fall and enjoyed the cool breeze while walking along the beach after having finished off a plate of raw-fish.

Boryeong is incredibly famous for their mud-products, unfortunately, we didn’t get the opportunity to wear a mud mask, but if we had the opportunity again, we’d be sure to take advantage of it.

6. Jin-ju

The Famous Lantern Festival

One of the most impressive festivals we were privileged to attend was the Lantern Festival hosted by Jinju. The festival showcases numerous giant lanterns of all shapes, sizes and design floating on the river that runs through the town and guards an ancient Korean castle. Some of our favorite floats were the Phoenix, the Dragon’s, ladybugs, scenes from traditional Korean-life and of course E.T.

Aside from being able to view fantastic glowing, lanterns and firework displays the festival offers participants a chance to send their personal hopes, prayers and wishes into the river and into the hands of the gods.

As for the city itself, Jinju has a few specialty dishes including a rice and vegetable dish topped with raw beef, for the adventurous of spirit. Additionally, the city has a great vibe and is an inviting place to spend a couple days, exploring shops, the riverside and the historical castle and castle-grounds.

5. Busan

The Best in Beaches

Busan is South Korea’s second largest city and the most popular destination for those wanting to hit up the beach, especially in the summer. Summer days at Haeundae Beach offer a constant sea of people clustered under large, colorful parasols and another cluster of folks floating on yellow inner-tubes out in the ocean. During the high season, you can expect to hear the call of «Chicken, Maek-ju» (Chicken and Beer) from old Korean men sent out by their local fried chicken parlor. Go ahead and grab a bucket of chicken and a cold beer, sit back and take in the warmth and joy that is common only to summer.

Being a large city, Busan also offers some of the greatest variety in activities and places to go. Famous for their aquarium, you can easily make your way to fish and sea creature viewing pleasure from Haeundae Beach as the aquarium is right there, on the beach! Would you rather be eating those sea creatures, again you’re in the right place. However, while Busan may specialize in seafood dishes, the variety of foods both Korean and Western and everything in between is immense and worth exploring.

Our favorite part of visiting Busan was visiting the seaside temple which will require either a car, a bus or perhaps a taxi ride (which aren’t too expensive in Korea, but would still run about $15-$20 both ways). The temple is set within the rocky shore of the sea and has one of the best vibes of all the temples we visited while living in South Korea.

4. Gyeong-ju

A Korean Drama Hot-Spot

While living in South Korea we had the good fortune of visiting Gyeong-ju more than once, once in the winter and once in the summer. Both trips were phenomenal and left us with nothing but fond memories of this South Korean city which is of the utmost importance to Korean history and today, to Korean Historical Dramas.

While we are not history buffs nor K-drama addicts, Gyeong-ju was absolutely a beautiful setting which reverberated with history and the glory (and difficulty) of days gone-by. The city itself was the heart and capital of the Silla Dynasty and allows visitors numerous glimpses into that era and time-period. From the well kept Anjapi Pond of King Mumu’s palace grounds, to Bulguksa Temple outside the city limits, to the giant temple mounds, Gyeong-ju is the place for Korean History to come alive.

Not only does Gyeongju boast fantastic historical sights, as well as some modern takes on history including a Silla theme-park, but they boast some culinary delights as well. Two kinds of bread, one filled with red-bean paste another made with barley, are signature dishes of the town as well as a well laid table of Korean side dishes and numerous lettuce leaves to wrap it all up in, Gyeong-ju is one of the surest ways to delight your full range of senses while touring South Korea.

3. Seoul Olympic Park

R16 B-Boy Competition

In 1988 Seoul hosted the Summer Olympics. Twenty-four years late, the park still hosts a number of concerts and sporting events. In July of 2012 we had the great privilege of entering Seoul Olympic Park to explore and more importantly watch the R-16 B-Boy Competition, a two-day event. Since we arrived on the first day of the event, we missed out on witnessing the B-Boy Crew Battles but were honored to watch the solo events of Popping, Locking and Solo B-Boy Battles.

Now, if you’ve kept up with some of out posts, you may be thinking: «Isn’t this a couple who has an un-dying love for Bluegrass?»

Indeed we do. And it is a very rare occasion when hip-hop comes blasting out of our speakers, however, the art and talent of B-Boy’s and their Popping and Locking counterparts is something that has truly come to amaze us, primarily because of South Korea and a performance we once watched.

Should you have the opportunity to go to the R-16 B-Boy Competition wherever it may be located, we highly recommend it. And, should you choose to attend another activity at Seoul’s Olympic Park, we highly recommend going early so that you can take in the numerous sculptures set up throughout the park and perhaps even rent a covered-bike to tour the large park grounds and get in a bit of exercise while you’re at it!

2. Boseong

The Heart of Green Tea Production

By far one of our most enlightening and enjoyable road-trips took us down south to the Green Tea Plantations of Boseong. Not only did we enjoy touring the plantation and enjoying green tea lattes and milk shakes, but we camped out a near by beach and had one of our all time favorite meals!

Korea is famous for their BBQ, not as in bar-b-que sauce, BBQ but as in, there’s a grill at your table, hot and ready for your choice of meat to be grilled and wrapped in lettuce with your favorite Korean side-dishes such as Kimchi. So, while traveling down to tour the tea plantations, we stopped by a restaurant to enjoy BBQ and ended our meal with a bowl of Korean cold noodles, but not just any cold noodles. These noodles were made with green tea and swam in a bowl of mild and refreshing, cucumber laden broth that was the absolute perfect end to a delicious meal on a hot spring day.

1. Jeju Island

The Hawaii of South Korea

Anyone who has traveled to South Korea or considered a trip to the Peninsula has likely dreamt of going to Jeju Island. A popular honeymoon destination and the setting for many Korean Dramas, Jeju has just about everything one would want on an Island getaway.

We had the pleasure of driving around the island for about 5 days and the added joy of camping out every night. Fortunately, many beaches on Jeju provide a shower house, so five days of camping did not include five days-sans-shower.

The island is home to many famous sights including the highest peak of Hallasan, just under 7,000 feet and numerous waterfalls, all entirely breathtakingly beautiful. Additionally, Jeju, like many popular tourist destinations has an uncanny amount of tourist-trap-type-attractions from Loveland to a Teddy Bear Museum, to a Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum to a Trick Art Museum there is something for everyone and a million ways to be distracted and entertained.

Most importantly however, is the delicious array of foods available on Jeju island. We were thrilled with the raw fish and seafood options as well as the infamous black pork which is grilled at your table with fresh and fermented vegetables then wrapped up with a sliver of garlic in a lettuce leaf and enjoyed immensely. Aside from these meat dishes, Jeju boasts the best, most sweet and delicious oranges and mandarins which are not so abundant in the summer, but still used in a few key dishes including a milky, yet delicious Korean alcohol called maekoli.

There’s a lot of hype surrounding Jeju, and there’s plenty of reason for it, a bit more touristy than other parts of Korea, but still an outstanding destination if you’re so lucky to be traveling within the Land of Kimchi.

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